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Weekly Notices 16-12-2019    
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The 2020 school year will start on Friday 7th February at 9:00am. The Office will open from Wednesday 22nd January 2020. On Friday 31st January from 10am to 12noon, you and your whānau are welcome to come along and see your children’s teachers and...

Ngākau Pāpaku : Humility

You are practising Ngākau Pāpaku : Humility when you:

  • consider the needs of others
  • ask for help when it's needed
  • are grateful rather than boastful

" The first test of a really great person is their humility. " John Ruskin

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Community Notices 16-12-2019    
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First ever Makara Model School Twilight Triathlon 4:00 – 7:00pm 6th March 2020. Inviting all children 4 – 12 years old to take part. Registration is $10 per child, with plenty of spot prizes and certificates. Last day of registration is 14th February, 2020...

End of Year Reports    
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We have been busy writing student reports. We want to share with you our process and what you can expect in the content of your child’s report. The report is a summary of your child’s work. There should be nothing in the report that is a surprise to you...

Board of Trustees Newsletter - December 2019    
(1.1 Mbs)

The Board has recently received comprehensive curriculum reports ( Literacy and Numeracy) and a summary of the Reading Recovery programme. It was encouraging to see the progress and achievement of our students. The reports show that the academic success of all our students is in good hands...

Regional Public Health Notice Measles – important information    
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Measles – important information As you know, there is a large and increasing measles outbreak in Auckland with over 800 confirmed cases and over 900 cases nationally. There have been 21 cases in the Wellington region this year. To protect your child and their school RPH recommends the following actions NOW

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