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Stationery Lists for 2019

Buying through OfficeMax MySchool earns our school Rewards which we can redeem for much needed educational supplies, equipment for our classrooms or for students.

To order On-line at myschool.co.nz/karoriwest. simply search for our school, select your child's year group lists and follow the instructions on the website.

19th January 2019 is the last date for ordering for delivery before term 1 2019.


To order your stationery from OfficeMax MySchool click here.


You can of course also get your stationery elsewhere if you wish. You can download copy of your child's class stationery list below:

2019 Stationery List Year 1

2019 Stationery List Year 2

2019 Stationery List Year 3

2019 Stationery List Year 4

2019 Stationery List Year 5 and 6

2019 Stationery List Year 7 and 8

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