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School Visits

Before your Child Arrives

Parent/Caregiver Visits

  • Please feel free to visit and ask questions.
Student Visits
  • Four weeks before your child turns five s/he is welcome to visit on Wednesdays prior to starting school.
Weekend Visits
  • Please feel free to come along to the school during weekends and after school so that your child can get a feel for our school.

Once Your Child is here

  • You are welcome to spend time at school with your child to see that s/he has settled, and to meet the teacher and principal.

Enrolling Your Child

  • Children cannot be admitted before their 5th birthday.

  • You can enrol your child at any time. We appreciate early enrolments to help us with our planning.

  • Enrolment forms are available from the office or email the office admin@kwns.school.nz to have forms posted to you.

Our school has an enrolment zone

You can find information on the enrolment zone here




  New Entrants Conferences

Once a term we meet with the parents of our newest 5 year olds to share their child's achievements since starting school.

Karori West Normal School - Allington Road, Karori 6012, Wellington    Phone 04 476-6165    Email: admin@kwns.school.nz